Our goal is to provide innovative tools that contribute to both medical and scientific dissemination and patient education.

We make ourselves available to medical professionals to help them edit and publish their work. We also offer marketing and digital communication services to achieve the online positioning of your brand.

We help to effectively and pedagogically transfer the information and guidelines that patients need in their medical care. All this is done through differential and technologically advanced communication supports.

We understand the difficulty and complexity of communication in these entities with a 360 degree approach. We focus on the institution, the patient and the industry simultaneously.

We have a multidisciplinary team of professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the health sector committed to offer tailored solutions, effective and appropriate to the current needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

KR medicine services

Continuing Medical Education

We offer the creation and distribution of continuing medical education programs, recirtification and evaluation with the most rigorous standards of medical theaching criteria.

Medical publications

We take care of the creation, production and printing of medical books, publications and journals. We are endorsed by a wide trajectory and knowledge in the medical publishing sector.

Medical congresses

Through our online platform contenidomedico.com, we cover the information generated in medical congresses, internal events and training sessions.

Patient education

We design patient-oriented material with the aim of transferring the necessary medical information in a pedagogical and concise manner.

Medical Webs and Apps

We create medical and responsive websites following a strategy to maximize search engine positioning. We also develop apps for Android and iOS.

Marketing and medical communication

We build, generate and manage the personal medical brand and its positioning in the medical market. We promote the marketing and communication of the different actors of the medical sector.